Hen Party-10 Best Ways To Cure A Hangover


Hen Party-10 Best Ways To Cure A Hangover

Hen Party Hangover Secrets

Now we all know that when people tend to go to hen parties they also tend to get a very large hangover the next day. Here are 10 ways to help cure that ever annoying hangover. Follow our tips for a hangover free Hen Party.


1.Drinking on an empty stomach is definitely a no no. Be sure to eat sensibly when drinking alcohol on a hen party


2. Watch and be  mindful of how many fizzy drinks that you consume as this can make alcohol go to your head faster.


3. Avoid drinking darker spirits for a nightcap. Darker spirits similar to whiskey and and brandy. Try a white spirit instead like vodka or gin.


4. Drink plenty of water throughout the night and before bed, this will help hydrate your body.


The next day?…….

5. Try not to go for the hair of the dog as this will bring you back to the starting point again!


6. Take a sports drink, the sugar in these drinks will give you a boost and re hydrate your body faster.


7. Don’t drink to much coffee as this will have a negative impact on your next day recovery after a long hen party.


8. Eat a good breakfast. A good breakfast the next morning can set you up for the day and make you feel better much quicker.


9. Avoid pills like aspirin or ibuprofen, these pills can upset your stomach and irritate it further.


10. Try to resist the sugar craving. Eat some fruit instead or try a smoothie as too much food and drinks with sugary content can adjust your blood sugar levels.


Cheers and Enjoy!


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