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Hen Party-10 Best Ways To Cure A Hangover

Hen Party Hangover Secrets Now we all know that when people tend to go to hen parties they also tend to get a very large hangover the next day. Here are 10 ways to help cure that ever annoying hangover. Follow our tips for a hangover free Hen Party.   1.Drinking on an empty stomach […]

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Hen Party Must Haves 3 Deadly Gadgets

Are you prepared for your Hen night? have you got all of the kit that you need for that great hen party night out? this can be a little difficult sometimes as space in the old handbag can be limited! So what tricks or other ideas could you have? At Kilkenny Hens we have road […]

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Hen Party-5 Great Songs For Walking Down The Isle

Have you already decided what song you want to hear when walking down the isle? Her are our top 5 wedding songs! 1.  At Last by Etta James     2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow     3. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran     4. Songbird by Eva Cassidy     5. You […]

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